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“Smart Lighting” vs. Beacons: Footmarks Dives Into The Debate

When it comes to the development of micro-location solutions, there have been no shortage of technologies around which developers have rallied. From old-school GPS and NFC, to Bluetooth Low Energy and the rise of scalably deployable beacons, the question is not if we’ll successfully deliver contextual digital content and analytics to physical spaces, but how. Philips grabbed headlines early last week, with its announcement of an “intelligent LED in-store lighting” system the company is piloting at a retailer in Düsseldorf. The lighting unit uses visual light communication (VLC) to enable LED fixtures to relay location and product information to smartphones via a companion app (much in the way beacons use BLE). Philips has yet to reveal what technology it’s using for communication, or what devices are compatible, but coverage in the Verge for one, considers lighting and beacon technology a “surprisingly logical” pairing (albeit while questioning its cost effectiveness). Doug Thompson, over…

For the Footmarks Founders, it was Love at First Sight

For the co-founding team, it was love at first sight. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Footmarks co-founder team looks back at what brought them together at a Seattle Hackathon in December, 2012. Hear how Casey ditched his date to spend a night coding (“It was worth it”), and how Preston – after a 24 hr whirlwind courtship – knew Skylar was “the one.”