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Secure Enterprise Beacon Platform
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iBeacon Solutions – Enhance your mobile marketing strategy.

Footmarks secure iBeacon solution brings digital intelligence to real world surroundings, allowing consumers to connect with the places and brands they love to visit and experience. By placing Footmarks beacons throughout any physical location, Footmarks brings the power of contextual awareness to consumers and businesses alike.

Smart, Simple, Secure

Footmarks Beacon
Deploy any one of our Enterprise or Mobile beacon solutions based on your needs. Or work with us to leverage our custom beacon sets to fit your unique needs. Included inside your beacons are the Footmark’s firmware and patent-pending secure and private broadcast. Our hardened beacon solutions include industry leading security and privacy technology.
1 Cross Platform
Download and integrate the Footmarks cross platform SDKs into your mobile app or third-party partner app and build your value-added experience.
2 Beacon Network
Configure and manage your fleet of beacons centrally from our SmartConnect™ cloud management portal. Leverage our proprietary automated deployment strategy to build out your beacon enabled network throughout your physical locations.
3 Journey &
Use our SmartConnect™ cloud to build all new customer journeys and experiences. Integrate experiences and dynamic content with your existing content management, brand loyalty and CRM systems to increase impact.
4 Reporting &
Gather and assess new contextual data while using Footmark SmartProfiles™ and other third-party data to create new insights and targeting profiles. Leverage Footmarks Reporting and Data visualization tools to identify and explore all new consumer patterns and behaviors.