Deliver on an intelligent supply chain: Close the gap between demand and fulfillment to delight your customers

So much of customer satisfaction rests in ensuring that you have the right products in the right place at the right time, and infusing data-driven intelligence into your supply chain can help make all the difference.

Mars, Inc.

For most consumer-packaged goods companies, sales spike during holiday season due to investments across the marketing and sales mix, from online display advertising to in-store physical displays. This past fall, Mars Inc., a global manufacturer of confectionary and other food products, decided it was time to gain deeper insights into an age-old problem of tracking where its product displays went after they left the warehouse.

Previously, Mars was only able to track the number of displays it produced and how many left its warehouses for retailer destinations. To help tackle this problem, it found the right partner with Footmarks, which designed its beacon- and gateway-based display tracking solution with Azure IoT Central to deliver secure, simple and scalable insights into what happens once displays begin transit.

With the Footmarks solution, Mars is now equipped with information on how many displays were in warehouse, how many were in transit, where they were headed, when they were put in market and how long they remained in use. With this insight, sales teams were able to access live updates to ensure displays were at the right stores, ensuring customers were always able to find their favorite snack foods when they were shopping.

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